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This pattern is for those who can not read a graph (graph coming soon)! MATERIALS: 5mm Crochet hook
5.5mm Crochet hook
Bulky yarn (I used LionBrand hometown USA)
Tapestry needle
SL - slip stitch: insert hook yarn over, pull through, pull through loop without yarning over again.
SC - single crochet: insert hook yarn over pull up a loop, yarn over pull through loop.
KS - knit stitch: insert hook into stitch yarning over with color A, pulling up a loop, yarn over with color B pull through loop. TIPS:
Carrying your yarn throughout the project will minimize the amout of ends you need to weave in.
I on the other hand only carry my yarn through one round at a time and only for the letters. that leaves me about 14 ends to sew in. It's all subject to personal preference.
With white:
5MM hook.
SC in back loop only until the ribbing is complete
CH 8
ROW1-62: SC (blpo)
SL across to connect the 2 ends
Now you will be working in the round
With 5.5MM hook
RND1:SC into the side of the SC&#…

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