Beginner Coasters

This is a perfect beginner pattern for someone just beginning with a magic circle or just beginning to work in the round!

It was inspired by constantly having to clean out the bottom of my cup holders in my car, due to soda spilling, or some drink "sweating" and crumbs and dirt gets stuck in there!

5MM Crochet Hook
Any brand of cotton yarn

I used 2 colors Just because I wanted a little "spunk", one color or more is awesome as well!

Start with a MC
HDC 10 into MC join with SL
 CH 2; 1 HDC in same ST, 2 HDC in every ST around join with SL
CH2; 1 HDC in same ST, *1 HDC in next ST, 2 HDC in next*, repeat from* to *around, Join with SL


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